Safe lift overhead traveling and Goliath compose cranes give an overhead lifting facility, in a perfect world suited to industrial workshop conditions, were the utilization of fork lift trucks, runways and jib cranes is either unfeasible or uneconomic. The overhead crane can be either single or twofold support development and mounted to either unsupported structures or fundamentally mounted on the principle building sections giving they have been intended to that reason. The cranes are fueled in all movements and are more often than not no less than 2 speeds all through. They are accessible in a scope of limits from 500kg to 40 tons as standard, up to 100 tons as specials, and in a scope of ranges up to 36m as standard and lifting statures up to 32m as standard. Standard segments are arrangement created and chose by obligation prerequisites, giving a monetary, safe and solid answer for the client’s needs.

  • Overhead traveling cranes lift loads of up to 120 t making them the perfect answer for especially requesting assignments and huge ranges.
  • Single brace overhead voyaging crane
  • Double brace overhead voyaging crane
  • Under slung overhead voyaging crane
  • Single brace divider voyaging crane
  • Single brace semi-Goliath
Overhead travelling crane load + overload test
Overhead traveling crane load + overload test, as per british standard BS 7121-2-7