Pressure Gauge Calibration Using Dead Weight Tester

Pressure Gauge Calibration:

Pressure Gauge Calibration

Pressure gauges are instruments used to quantify the pressure of fluid or gaseous materials by calculating the power they would apply at a condition of rest. There are an assortment of strategies for estimating force, which implies there are various kinds of pressure gauges.

  • Process Pressure Gauges
  • Commercial Pressure Gauges
  • Industrial Pressure Gauges
  • Low Pressure Gauges
  • Seal Gauges
  • High Precision Test Gauges
  • Duplex Pressure Gauges and Differential Gauges
  • Supreme Pressure Gauges

What is a Dead Weight Tester?

The dead weight tester device comprises of a chamber which is loaded with oil free pollutions and a cylinder – barrel blend is fitted over the chamber as appeared in outline. The best bit of the cylinder is appended with a stage to convey weights. A plunger with a handle has been given to shift the pressure of oil in the chamber. The pressure gauge to be tried is fitted at a proper plate.

The dead weight tester is fundamentally a pressure creating and pressure estimating gadget. It is utilized to align pressure gauges. The accompanying technique is received for aligning pressure gauges. alibration of pressure gauge implies presenting a precisely known example of pressure to the gauge under test and after that watching the reaction of the gauge. With a specific end goal to make this precisely known pressure, the accompanying advances are taken after.

Pressure Gauge Calibration Using Dead Weight Tester

Procedure for Calibrating a Pressure Gauge with

a Dead Weight Tester:

Utilizing a dead weight tester, pressure gauges are aligned through the utilization of known weights to the DWT’s cylinder, the cross-sectional zone of which is likewise known. This makes an example of known pressure, which is then acquainted with the pressure gauge being tried to watch its reaction.


It is simple in construction and easy to use.
It can be used to calibrate a wide range of pressure measuring devices.
Fluid pressure can be easily varied by adding weights or by changing the piston cylinder Combination.

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