We specialize in supplying the following equipment :-



Steel Wire Rope & Steel wire rope slings manufactured from IWRC EIPS Steel Rope.

Grade 80 Short Link chain, chain slings & fittings.

Flat woven Polyester webbing slings and Round Polyester slings manufactured with safety factor 7:1.

High Load Shackles, forged, Quenched & Tempered with Alloy Pins, to meet Federal Specifications RR-C- 271D type IVA of various capacities

Heavy duty Manually Operated Chain Blocks, Chain Lever Hoists & Electrical Chain Hoist.

Wire rope Pulling Machines and Wire rope Winches Manual and Electrical Type.

Plate lifting clamps Vertical and Horizontal.

Beam Trolley Geared and Push Type. 

Lifting Magnet.

Cargo Lashing Equipment’s (Ratchet Straps, Load Binders and Lashing chain etc.)

Mooring Chain, Rope & fittings.

Anchor chain and fittings. 

Polypropylene /Nylon 3, 8, 12 strand Ropes, & Manila Ropes.

Snatch Blocks Single and Multi Sheaves Type.

Eye Bolt and Eye Nuts.

Turn Buckles all Types .

Swivels, Weld-On Links and Hooks.

Container Lifting Lugs.

Retractable Fall Arresters, Energy Absorbing Lanyards.

Tripod winches, Lifeline.

Safety Harness and Safety Belts.

Pallet trucks Hydraulic and Electrical Type.

Hydraulic Jack and Tools.

Tensile and Compressive Load cells/Dynamometers.

Stainless steel Wire Rope and fittings.

Spelter Sockets Open and Closed Type.

Swage Socket Open and Closed Type.

Forged Wire rope clip.

Wire rope Lubricants.

Safety Gloves, Shoes, Helmets and Gadgets etc.     

Lifting Beams and all Type of Hooks.

All type of Personal Protective Equipment’s.

Aluminum trussing with fittings and all Type of Rigging accessories.

Marine equipment’s.

Building materials.


Hardware and Tools

All type of Customized Springs




Steel Wire Rope manufacturer and Supplier UAE

Supplier - High Load Shackles,  Chain Blocks, Electrical Chain Lever Hoists



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Stainless steel Wire Rope and fittings